Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Owl Flower

Format: 594*841mm
Medium: Hand-made Inks, Acrylic and Colouring Pencils on Somerset 300 gsm paper.
This dramatic painting is an exploration of a Ted Hughes poem. I have created this nordic themed painting by incorporating two maelstroms and a ghost ship destined for destruction to create the negative space of an owl.

The Baptist

Format: 841*594
Medium: Hand-made Inks and Graphite on Somerset 300 gsm paper
When reading this Ted Hughes poem, I had a vision of a cliched image of a baby being carried by a crane. However, I changed this timeless image by using a pelican instead of a crane. The pelican is outstretched in a cross motif to strengthen the Christian theme of the poem.

The Interrogator

Format: 841*594mm
Medium: Hand-made Inks and Bleach on Somerset 300 gsm paper.
The Interrogator is a vicious scavenger. The desert scene is a barren wasteland of isolation, it is here that the Interrogator awaits his victims. In this painting I have tried to create a skull using the negative space to emphasise the theme of death.

The Accused

Format: 841*594mm
Medium: Hand-made Inks, graphite and Bleach.
This Ted Hughes poem is about a strong and aggressive rooster. His biggest strength and weakness is his narcissistic pride, henceforth he attacks a metal weathervane rooster, which he believes to be competition.

Farmer's Gibbet

Format: 594*420 mm

Medium: Oil stick and Graphite on Cartridge 250 gsm paper. Composited on photoshop.

This was an experimental piece to go alongside my Ted Hughes 'Cave Birds' work. This piece can be read in a literal way but also in a spiritual way - reference to the souls inside the dead game.

After there was nothing there was a woman (2)

Format: 2* 841*594mm
Medium: Graphite, Collage, Colouring pencil and Print-out transfer on Somerset 300 gsm paper.
This painting/collage is the alternative piece for the same Ted Hughes Poem as the previous post. In this collage I tried a different approach to visualising the poem. The hawk (metaphor for the male voice in the poem) is attacking the graceful and rather feminine 'African Widow Bird'.

After there was nothing there was a woman

Format: 594*841mm
Medium: Hand-made Ink, Graphite, Emulsion and Collage on Somerset 300 gsm paper.
This painting is based on a Ted Hughes poem. When reading this poem I was given an image of a vicious attack. The poem is written from a very chauvinistic perspective, this inspired the painting's perspective. Using photographs of WW2 fighter planes as inspiration, I reconstructed the image using an old map and graphite.

The Knight

Format: 841*594mm
Medium: Hand-made Ink, PVA glue and Silver leaf on Somerset 300 gsm paper.
Another illustration for the collection of Ted Hughes' poems. This poem depicts a knight who has survived many a battle. His enemies lay slain on the floor. His proud body, weathered by rain and wind, nothing remains but his hard skeletal structure and numerous battle scars.

(Old Work) Mouldy Ketamine Corrosion

Format: 841*594 mm
Medium: Hand-made Inks, Emulsion, Acrylic, Gesso and Rust on Somerset 300 gsm paper.
This piece reflects the insides of a Ketamine Junkie. I have used rust to depict the deterioration of the mind and a colour scheme of mould and rust to portray the destructive element of drug abuse.